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Product Principle

1. Ultra-fine fiber, also known as micro-fiber, fine denier fiber, very fine fiber, English name microfiber. The main composition is tapefiber polyester, nylon polyamide two kinds of composition.

2. Generally speaking, the size of chemical fiber is between 1.11 and 15 days, and its diameter is about 10? 50 microns. The size of ultra-fine fiber is between 0.1 and 0.5 days, and its diameter is less than 5 microns. The fineness of the fiber is 1 / 200 of the hair filament, and the size of the fiber is less than 5 microns in diameter, and the diameter of the fiber is less than 5 microns. It's 1: 20 of the ordinary chemical fiber. The most important feature of ultra-fine fiber fabric is that the ultra-fine fiber has many tiny spaces between the micro-fibers, thus forming capillary structure, having high water absorption and carrying more than 7 times its own weight of water. The water absorption is equal to 7 times of the ordinary fiber, the water absorption speed is 7 times of the ordinary towel, and the fiber strength is 5 times as strong as the ordinary fiber (durability).

4. The superfine fiber has the capillary structure, the surface contact area is large, therefore the superfine fiber fabric coverage is extremely high, the superfine fiber surface contact with the dust or the oil pollution more times, And oil and dust from the gap between ultra-fine fiber infiltration of more opportunities, so the ultra-fine fiber has a very strong decontamination clean function.